We stock ALL drinks including our local Craft beer Darling Brew on TAP, and we have a great Wine list of our favorite Darling Wines.

W  I  N  E      L  I  S  T

Barrel Selection

Ormonde Sauvignon blanc R260
Ormonde Chardonnay R260
Ormonde Shiraz R310
Ormonde Cabernet Sauvignon R310
Basson Proprietors blend R170

Vineyard Wines

Chip off the old block Sauvignon blanc R150
Chip off the old block Cabernet Sauvignon R150
Chip of the old block Shiraz R150


Ondine Sauvignon blanc R150
Ondine Chardonnay R150
Ondine Grenache R170

Groote Post

Old Man’s Blend - Red R120
Old Man’s Blend - White R120
Rose R120

Groote Post Kapokberg Chardonnay  R260

Groote Post Sauvigon Blanc R150

Groote Post Chardonnay  R160


The Roan Ranger Red blend   R120


Glass | Bottle
Boutonniere White blend | Red blend R25 | R100

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